Claiming Compensation from Quilter

Have you felt let down, or been mis-advised by Quilter?

Several clients have encountered issues ranging from investment mis-selling to inadequate service provision & lack of care and attention.

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Investment Management from Quilter

Quilter, a prominent provider of Wealth Management services in the UK, has been operating under its current structure since 2018.

Previously known as Old Mutual Wealth Management Ltd, Quilter is responsible for overseeing the investments and pensions of approximately 500,000 customers, with a total of £102bn in assets under management.

However, being a Quilter client limits the available range of recommended pension and investment products to only those offered by Quilter, and many clients may have suffered as a result.

Background of Quilter

According to Quilter, their main goal is to promote prosperity by offering long-term advice-based relationships. They require clients to pay an annual fee for this service, calculated as a percentage of their funds.

To fulfil their promise, they must conduct a comprehensive review of the client’s personal and financial situation every year, which is necessary to confirm the continued suitability of the held products.

Failure to conduct this yearly review could lead to clients’ investments being mis-managed, and potentially even loss of investment.

Grounds for Compensation Claims Against Quilter

These issues, amongst others, collectively point towards a systemic failure in certain aspects of Quilter’s service delivery, necessitating a robust response in the form of compensation claims.

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