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A housing disrepair claim is a legal process where a tenant seeks compensation from their landlord for failing to maintain their rented property in a safe and habitable condition.

You can make a housing disrepair claim for various issues, including dampness, mould, structural defects, faulty plumbing, inadequate heating, electrical issues, and more. These issues should significantly affect your health, safety, or quality of life.

As a tenant, you have the right to live in a property that is safe, well-maintained, and free from disrepair. Your landlord is responsible for addressing any issues that affect your health, safety, or well-being.

It is important to report housing disrepair issues to your landlord or the property management company as soon as you become aware of them. Make sure to document the issues and any communication with your landlord, such as emails or letters.

If your landlord fails to address the disrepair issues within a reasonable timeframe or refuses to take action, you may need to seek legal advice. Claim Simple can assist you in navigating the claims process and taking legal action if necessary.

In most cases, you have six years from the date you became aware of the disrepair issues to make a claim. However, it is advisable to take action as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome.

The amount of compensation you may receive depends on various factors, including the severity of the disrepair, the impact on your health and well-being, and any financial losses you incurred as a result.

Claim Simple operate on a no-win, no-fee* basis. This means you won’t have to pay any upfront fees or legal costs. You will only pay if your claim is successful and you receive compensation.